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Terrazzo is BACK!

We are used to seeing Terrazzo in commercial settings or high traffic foot areas such as airports, lobbies, restaurants and corporate buildings. As it was primarily used as a #visualdesign on outdoor terraces & flooring. However, it's mosaic like appearance can really make an impact to your space.

#Terrazzo was originally invented as a economical way to repurposed #marble and scraps in Italy but now terrazzo has taken over homes and hearts in one breath! Becoming intensely popular among new home owners and #propertydevelopers.

The Terrazzo style is very forgiving in its busy pattern and can give your #kitchen or #bathroom that real retro flare. It can even be integrated into your #sink! Below are some samples of #solidsurface terrazzo and #quartz terrazzo.

Alternatively, if you don't want to dive into the trend of #terrazzo #countertops consider adding a #coffeetable or #sidetable to incorporate the trend without committing to major changes.

Using a monochromatic terrazzo can be a subtle way to elevate your #homeinterior #officeinterior or #reatildesign space and adjust more easily to your colour scheme for a #designthatworks.

Always look for the right certifications from your local #stonesupplier or industry experts. Your #stone/#surface should uphold the right EU manufacturing standards and be #VOCfree & #NSF Certified for your home.

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