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Health Fitting


Nonporous materials like solid surface help healthcare architects and designers create spaces that, with proper cleaning, will not support the growth of mould and mildew.

Hotels and Leisure


Solid surface & Technistone are non-porous materials, and have many advantages over surfaces such as laminates, tiles, stainless steel, granite and marble, (non- staining; won’t burn; marks & scratches can easily be removed).




In today’s competitive pub market owners are insisting on the highest quality materials and value for money. By using either solid surface or Technistone, you will meet  health & hygiene, durability, quality & cost specifications. 

Retail Fitting


Retail outlets rely on robust installations that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Versatile and practical we provide surfaces that look as smart as they are easy-to-clean and maintain; and are durable enough to withstand the heavy traffic of almost any retail space.



For pod builders we are able to combine our design and production expertise in the use of solid surface & Technistone products. We can  guarantee a consistent quality finish on all our products providing a high-performance solution for a wide range of horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Multi Wash Hand Basin.JPG


From experience we know that in this sector developers are running on tight budgets year after year. In addition to the initial cost saving benefits over our competitors, the materials have proven to be more durable, and hygienic than the traditional counter-top materials.

Blood Lab .JPG


With its unique technical properties solid surface is the perfect surfacing material for a broad range of contemporary education applications. These include work surfaces in labs, classrooms, tabletops, faculty lounge and more.

Reception Desk Omagh Hospital. 2 JPG.JPG

banks & offices

Within the corporate environment there are a minimum number of requirements that the internal furnishings must meet. Durability, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective. We provide these solutions with our general principle “more options less rules”.

transport 2.jpg


Whether the specifier is looking for information on check in desks at airports or providing solutions within the actual operating system itself we have years of experience in this sector including preferred supplier to Iarnrod Eireann (Irish Rail), developing a new integral vanity top to the toilet facilities.



Diorite gives you the power to individually programme each unit, working with experts & consultants such as Eco-Logic in this sector we have managed to reduce the huge costs incurred through vandalism and misuse in these environments.

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