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  • What is Technistone?
    Technistone is the world’s leading manufacturer of engineered stone consisting of 93% precisely selected natural materials, primarily quartz and granite producing a high-quality, non-porous, engineered material that is used in variety of applications, such as kitchen countertops, stairs, vanities, tiles, table tops, window sills, door surrounds and more. The combination of elegance with high functionality makes Technistone® materials some of the best for interior solutions, satisfying even the toughest demands. Thanks to its zero porosity, the material is hygienic and extremely well suited for food processing. You can chop or process anything on it. You can even beat steaks or knead dough on it. You can walk on it. You needn’t worry about using it in your bathroom. It’s not just ideal for kitchen worktops, but also for bathroom vanity tops, tiling, stairs, windowsills and countless other interior uses. The product has virtually identical and in some respects even better characteristics than natural stone.
  • What is Solid Surface?
    Solid surfaces are extraordinarily versatile materials that are non porous virtually seamless, and in the hands of the creative thinkers can be virtually anything you want to create. Unlike, tile, wood, granite or marble, solid surfaces have no pores, seams or voids. They resist stains because liquids cannot penetrate, are extremely hard wearing & easy to clean. Elegant with no sink lips, grout or caulk lines to spoil the clean lines by trapping water or dirt, surfaces are created as one smooth sleek seamless unit.
  • Do you have Technistone Specifications?
    We have a complete list of Technistone specifications listed below. If you require any further specification related information please dont hesitate to get in touch. ES-Declaration-of-compliance-EN-15285 ISO-Certificate_EN_12-3-2012 NSF-Certified-Products-Food-and-Splash-Zone_listopad-2009 240_EN_Health-Certificate_4-1-2013 Declaration-of-compliance-EN-15388 EXTERIOR_Declaration-of-Compliance-EN Technistone-Environmentally-friendly-productionl Declaration of Compliance (Wall Tiles) PDF Translucent manual PDF Technical manual for fabrication shops PDF Cleaning and maintaining of the product Technistone PDF Technical manual for tiles installation PDF Complaint Rules PDF
  • What is your warranty?
    To view our full 10 year warranty details you can download them here.
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