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Calcatta is the trend here to stay?

Calacatta originated from marble in Italy consisting traditionally of a warm ivory/white background with thick gold or grey veins. Due to it's high demand in the design industry, there are now so many choices of a high performance replica's of Calacatta. We use a brand of #quartz called #Technistone® and their Calacatta line which is #nonporous, sealed and scratch resistant compared to #marble.

Marble is very delicate and can crack or chip more easily than an #engineeredstone, quartz material so if your looking for a luxurious, classic kitchen worktop. I would look at quartz, as it has the same appearance as real marble but not the same price tag. In fact you may not even be able to tell the difference!

#Calactta's vary in price but it's veins can be matched if you are thinking of having a #waterfalledge on your #countertop or #kitchenisland. 2023 seams to be about abstract art and organic materials and Calcatta has both which compliments this growing trend.

Marble is known for being a rich and heavy material with distinctive veining so when your looking for a similar product, be sure that the veining is consistent all the way through. (In other words, full-bodied or #homogenous).

There are some engineered stone surfaces such as #porcelain that have a printed veining effect on the surface of the stone but once chipped or cracked the veining cannot be distinguished and can be very difficult to repair.

Always look for the right certifications from your local #stonesupplier or industry experts. Your stone should uphold the right EU manufacturing standards and be #VOCfree.

While design trends are always evolving, there is no denying that the Calacatta has a timeless quality and enduring appeal that is unlikely to fade anytime soon. Check out our new quartz Calacatta colours by clicking the link below:

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