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Do your Quartz Countertops have Volatile Organic Compound?

Do you have quartz #countertops in your kitchen? Make sure it's certified, time to avoid toxic compounds in your home.

- as stated by @philwinter in his article Uncertified Quartz: Is it time to outlaw toxic worktops? | SBID

Sadly many consumers have the misconception that all quartz material is safe to use and install residentially and commercially but this comes at a risk. We intend to explain the impact this material has on the buyer & user.

There are three dangers associated with untested quartz.

  1. Levels of VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compound)

  2. Micro Porosity which can make the surface difficult to sanitize

  3. Surface finish which can potentially contaminate food.

Certain #VOC emissions can be directly linked to health problems including cancer, placing you at potential risk. It is extremely important to buy your #quartz from a certified supplier, the material must be independently tested and regulated to avoid any traces of harmful VOC.

Some within the kitchen industry, neglect to inform their consumers about the dangers of manufactured quartz; hiding behind their luxury surfaces. Often the customer and even designers will have misconceptions about a quartz product and are completely oblivious to specifications, quality and impact the material may have on your health.

Quality matters, we need to eliminate the health threat and install safe engineered stone; look for certifications like Greenguard for low emission products.

There are no lack of resources out there, if you are unsure about the condition of your material or surfaces you can check the brand of quartz on this link or for food contact suitability accreditied to prevent mold and bacteria leaking in your kitchen #worktop. At Diorite we supply a brand of quartz called #technistone® that holds all of the above requirements.

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